Trend Lines

Trend lines can be used to identify and confirm trends. A trend line connects at least 2 price points on a chart and is usually extended forward to identify sloped areas of support and resistance. Lines with a positive slope that support price action show that net-demand is increasing. As long as the price action stays above this line, we have a bullish trend. Lines with a negative slope that act as resistance to the price action show that net-supply is increasing. As long as the price action stays under this line, we have a bearish trend.

Price usually retests a sloped trend line several times, until it breaks at which point we may have a trend reversal. The more points there are to connect, the stronger a trend line becomes. Different strategies have different rules on how far apart connected price points can be and whether to connect wicks or candle bodies, but all trend lines break eventually. TradingView has a smart drawing tool that allows users to visually identify trend lines on a chart. This tool can also be used to illustrate trends on indicators.


Price now is in correction due to strong daily resistance of 50K: There is local support on 46300 now that if it remains valid then we have more range here like a red path for while but only after breaking that local support that soon may happen...


As we can see red trendline successfully broke and now maybe after retest or without retest price pump more to the targets like: A. 0.9240 B. 0.9300 Strong supports ahead now are: A. 0.9140 B. 0.9100 DISCLAIMER: ((trade based on your own decision )) <>


The price is consolidating above the local resistance. The trend is upward, a rather interesting target for all players ahead is the local peak of 1833 and a huge amount of liquidity. I think that the price will reach this mark in the near future. Waiting for the rise to the resistance of 1833 ------------------- Share your opinion in the comments and support...


Yesterday we saw sharp reversal on EURUSD and its quite important to see how this move will continue. If we see a break below previous low then we would consider that the upside direction is coming to an end, therefore we will be looking for selling opportunities only. However, were still in a bullish trend and there is a chance for another upside leg taking...


Hey traders, Here is the intraday demand zone that I got on focus on gold. Being bullish biased I will look for buying opportunities from a narrow area based on: Broken falling daily trend line Intraday rising trend line Fib.confluence I will wait for an occasional test of that zone and a consequent...


The instrument is consolidating above the support level in a growing trend. The level is clear and strong, maybe only a false breakout, after capturing liquidity, the price can be returned back beyond the level for further growth. I look forward to growth from support. ------------------- Share your opinion in the comments and support the idea with Like. Thanks...


Recap: ETH broke down through the previous analysis’ Decision 2 but did not reach Red 1. It recovered to now being above that Decision 1, contradicting BTC, but needs a spark. The upwards sloping long term trendline has only just been breached, but volume indicates that price finds it difficult to move beyond it. This struggling, in Money Man’s opinion, combined...

Trend Continuation Entry for A Buy!!","short_symbol":"GBPJPY"} data-uid=bGzFLTWt data-card={"data":{"id":11490640,"name":"GBPJPY > Trend Continuation Entry for A Buy!!","short_name":"GBPJPY","image_url":"bGzFLTWt","published_url":"","is_script":false,"is_public":true,"base_url":""},"author":{"username":"TradingAxis","is_broker":false}}>

GBPJPY: Trend Continuation Entry for A Buy!! title=GBPJPY > Trend Continuation Entry for A Buy!!>

Friends I hope you are feeling kind and generous today to give this idea the likes and comments it deserves. Analysis on #GBPJPY Yesterday I was watching this triangle setup, I couldnt take it because it did not meet my rules, now that I have the confirmation I can look for trend continuation entry near the support trendline as it still for me more room to go...


If the price can rise above both its static and dynamic resistances, which can be above the $ 50,200 price range, which is also a psychological resistance for Bitcoin, we can expect an uptrend and growth to 59,000$ , if the price reacts to these levels not good enough , we can expect a Fall from This range to $ 44,000.


After big gains earlier in the year, AMC Entertainment may be ready to move again. The movie chain’s main technical pattern is the large bullish flag that’s taken shape since early June. Its illustrated above by the falling trend line that AMC recently broke. Second, AMC returned above the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) this week. Third, consider the...


The currency pair makes a false breakout and returns to a short zone below the resistance level. Selling pressure on the market is strong enough, as well as the level that they tried to break. Waiting for the price to fall after fixing below the level to support 1.174 ------------------- Share your opinion in the comments and support the idea with Like. Thanks...


audusd breakout channel the lonterm downtrend channel was broken and today the daily candle break-out new high therefore, we can buy the pull back of AUDUSD aim 0.7600

A Possible Bullish Harmonic Bat Pattern!!","short_symbol":"EURAUD"} data-uid=wPP0qr86 data-card={"data":{"id":11490308,"name":"EURAUD > A Possible Bullish Harmonic Bat Pattern!!","short_name":"EURAUD","image_url":"wPP0qr86","published_url":"","is_script":false,"is_public":true,"base_url":""},"author":{"username":"TradingAxis","is_broker":false}}>

EURAUD: A Possible Bullish Harmonic Bat Pattern!! title=EURAUD > A Possible Bullish Harmonic Bat Pattern!!>

Friends I hope you are feeling kind and generous today to give this idea the likes and comments it deserves. Analysis on #EURAUD a possible bullish harmonic BAT pattern, near a strong demand zone where the market rallied 535 pips. I will be watching the market inside the zone and look for entry reasons to get involved in a buy trade. Thank you so much for...

A Beautiful Triangle Setup For A Buy!!","short_symbol":"EURGBP"} data-uid=g9ivglEg data-card={"data":{"id":11490725,"name":"EURGBP > A Beautiful Triangle Setup For A Buy!!","short_name":"EURGBP","image_url":"g9ivglEg","published_url":"","is_script":false,"is_public":true,"base_url":""},"author":{"username":"TradingAxis","is_broker":false}}>

EURGBP: A Beautiful Triangle Setup For A Buy!! title=EURGBP > A Beautiful Triangle Setup For A Buy!!>

Friends I hope you are feeling kind and generous today to give this idea the likes and comments it deserves. Analysis on #EURGBP a beautiful triangle setup waiting for confirmation and reason to get involved in a buy, this will be 15m Time frame entry if it comes in. Thank you so much for your support. Check today analysis below⠀ >>“ Only trade when the...


As we can see, the price is pulling back to the broken static level and we can expect Bulls to enter and price growth from this range. Our first major target is 1833


TRADING SUGGESTION: Now we looking to the market formed triangle pattern,so take a buy trade.GOOD LUCK . . . . TAKE A TRADE,SIT BACK AND RELAX LIKE AND SHARE


Recap: BTC broke out of Decision 1 on the previous analysis and did not follow through in either direction after, respecting the Decision Levels subsequently. It is getting a bit too quiet around here and we are in some need of news or something. Wonder who will oblige this time. Money Man is putting BTC currently in Decision 2 as we do have some resistance built...


Considering that we had previously received 22% ✅ profit from this cryptocurrency before and the correction that followed it, the price has reached a good support again and is also valid for #Buy_Recommendation . Targets updated. In order to buy, the SL (stop loss) and capital management must be observed. All resistances and TPs (take profits) are marked on the...

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