The Savings Bond Calculator WILL:

  • Calculate the value of a paper bond based on the series, denomination, and issue date entered. (To calculate a value, you dont need to enter a serial number. However, if you plan to save an inventory of bonds, you may want to enter serial numbers.)
  • Store savings bond information you enter so you can view or update it later. HOW TO SAVE YOUR INVENTORY

The Savings Bond Calculator WILL NOT:

  • Give correct values for electronic bonds. The Calculator is for paper bonds only. For values of your electronic bonds, log in to your TreasuryDirect account.
  • Verify whether or not you own bonds.
  • Guarantee the serial number you enter is valid.
  • Guarantee a bond is eligible to be cashed.
  • Create a savings bond based on information you enter.

Beware of internet scams with a picture of this site claiming that you can enter your birth certificate number to access bonds owed to you. Those claims are false, and attempts to defraud the government can be prosecuted. See

SAVINGS BOND CALCULATOR (paper bonds only)
Value as of: Savings
Series: Denomination: Bond Serial Number: Issue Date (MM/YYYY):

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