Marathon Digital Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings (formerly Marathon Patent Group) is a patent holding company that is the parent of Uniloc, known as a patent troll company.[1][2] Marathon purchased patents related to encryption in the 2010s[citation needed] and in 2021 it was known for its purchases of bitcoin[3] and bitcoin mining equipment[4] and a joint venture to use 37 MW from the Hardin Generating Station Montana coal plant to power an adjacently-constructed Marathon bitcoin data center.[5]

The company changed its name to Marathon Digital Holdings, effective March 1, 2021. Its chief executive officer is Fred Thiel.[6]


Marathon has several subsidiaries:[7]

  • Communications LLC,
  • Sarif Biomedical, LLC,
  • Sarif Biomedical Acquisition LLC,
  • Marathon Advisors SA,
  • Dynamic Advances, LLC,
  • TLI Acquisition Corp.,
  • CyberFone Systems, LLC,
  • Signal Ip, Inc.,
  • Synchronicity IP GmbH,
  • Motheye Technologies, LLC,
  • Medtech Group Acquisition Corp,
  • Loopback Technologies, Inc,
  • TLIF, LLC,
  • IP Liquidity Ventures, LLC,
  • Soems Acquisition Corp,
  • Hybrid Sequence IP, Inc,
  • E2e Processing, Inc,
  • Continental Resources Acquisition Sub, Inc.,
  • Relay IP Inc,
  • OrthoPhoenix, LLC,
  • Marathon Group S.A.,
  • Sampo IP LLC,
  • Vantage Point Technology, Inc.,
  • Marathon Ventures S.a.r.l,
  • Bismarck IP Inc,
  • Loopback Technologies II, Inc,
  • Selene Communication Technologies, LLC,
  • Magnus IP GmbH,
  • TLI Communications GmbH,
  • Traverse Technologies Corp.,
  • 3D Nanocolor Corp.,
  • IP Liquidity Ventures Acquisition LLC,
  • CRFD Research, Inc.,
  • PG Technologies SARL,
  • Marathon Crypto Mining, Inc,
  • MedTech Development Deutschland GmbH,
  • Marathon IP GmbH,

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