The majority of trading books discuss strategies that combine candlestick patterns, chart patterns, and indicators. While they provide a comprehensive overview of trading techniques, they are insufficient for traders who wanted to concentrate only on price action trading. Indeed, price action trading books are uncommon to come across.

If youve been experimenting with strategies only to find that they were ineffective and cost you a lot of money, you should take a break and learn from the best. Books written by accomplished traders are an excellent way to learn. They are not listing in any particular order. Choose one that fits your current trading style and skill level.


1. Price Action Trading Secrets: By Rayner Teo

Learn how to become a consistently successful trader by using proven trading strategies, tools, and techniques. Without depending on indicators, news, or signal services, price action trading allows you to read the markets secret language and better time your entries and exits.

Youll also learn how to beat the markets utilizing trading strategies, tools, and techniques in Price Action Trading Secrets. It makes no difference whether you have no prior experience with price action trading since this book writes in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format.

Youll start with the fundamentals and work your way up to sophisticated price action trading strategies and techniques, so youll be clear every step of the way. Whats the best part? Price action trading may use in a variety of markets. You may use price action trading to enhance your trading outcomes whether youre a forex trader, day trader, stock trader, or cryptocurrency trader.

2. Trading Price Action Trends: By Al Brooks

Trading Price Action Trends a step-by-step guide to capitalizing on institutional trading trends. The key to becoming a good trader is establishing and adhering to a system that works. Al Brooks, the author, has accomplished just that. By simplifying his trading system and focusing only on 5-minute price charts, he has discovered a way to earn independently of market direction or economic environment. Brooks takes you through the whole process step by step in this new series of books.

This three-book series deconstructs Brooks successful trading system into its fundamental components: institutional piggybacking or trend trading (the subject of this specific book in the series), trading ranges, and transitions or reversals. Individual bars and combinations of bars may provide information about institutional behavior to a trader in Price Action Trends Bar by Bar. It is crucial since the key to successful trading is piggybacking institutions, which you cannot do unless you understand what their charts reveal about their behavior.

This book will teach you how to identify the type of trend that is developing so that you make the appropriate trades using techniques that are unique to that type of trend.

  • Using technical analysis, discusses how to benefit from institutional trading trends.
  • Outlines a comprehensive and unique trading approach that the author has developed over the course of his successful career as an independent trader.
  • Additional books in the series include Bar by Bar Price Action Trading Ranges and Bar by Bar Price Action Reversals.
The trading insights found in Price Action Trends Bar by Bar can help you achieve this goal if you want to make the most of your time in todays markets.3. The Ultimate Price Action Trading Guide: By Atanas Matov

The Ultimate Price Action Trading Guide is the quickest method to learn how to trade financial markets. Understand price action trading dynamics and give a substantial trading edge, years of trading experience. Give from someone who has worked on a prop desk. Atanas will educate you about price action and how to trade it. Where to begin? Do you have questions regarding trade price action? Maybe you dont understand how technical indicators work.

This book will give you understand of trading. Understand candlesticks and price action patterns to minimize risk and increase profits. This book will finally clear out the mystery behind price action trading. On price action and the tools to trade it, Atanas talks on the subjects that most traders care about. Thousands of readers have benefited from his knowledge of technical indicators, trend identification, and chart patterns. Atanas work on writing and bespoke artwork show his love for trading.

He now trades his account and helps other traders through his trading blog and social media. Atanas philosophy is to assist people to accomplish their trading objectives. Judge your trading success based on what youve given up to get here! he says.

4. Trading Price Action Trading Ranges: By Al Brooks

Price Action in Trading Ranges is the second book of Al Brooks three-part series on trading price action.

This book sheds light on trading ranges, breakouts, order management, and trading mathematics. The book teaches you how to use technical analysis to identify and profit from trading ranges. He discusses breakout trading, support and resistance, and making the best possible entry and exit choices. The book mostly addresses trading using 5-minute candlestick charts but also covers daily and weekly charts.

5. Understanding Price Action: By Bob Volman

Understanding Price Action is a must-read for aspiring and expert traders who want to learn more about trading from the naked chart. With hundreds of examples, Volman convincingly shows that a few price action fundamentals account for most market fluctuations—and that profiting from these basics takes more common sense than knowledge.

The books strength resides in the remarkable openness with which the ideas and trading strategies. Aside from a thorough examination of price action mechanisms, the series includes six months of continuous EUR/USD 5-minute sessions. This part alone has over 400 completely annotated charts, a library of intraday analysis not found in any other trading book.

Understanding Price Action destines to become a classic in the collection of every trader who is serious about Volman education.

6. Trading Price Action Reversals: By Al Brooks

Trading Price Action Reversals is Al Brooks third book in a three-part series on trading price action. The book describes the different types of reversals that occur in todays markets and then analyzes their unique features.

The book provides invaluable insight into how to deal with the volatility and abrupt reversals. It discusses the idea of utilizing options while trading particular charts and how to manage ones emotions during chart trading.

7. Price Action Breakdown: A Unique Trading Method for Financial Markets by Laurentiu Damir

Learn out how to trade pure price action. No technical indicators/candlestick patterns.

Price Action Breakdown is a book devoted entirely to the study of financial markets through the lens of pure price action analysis. It includes concepts, ideas, and price action trading techniques youve never seen before. The information may utilize to trade Forex, futures, stocks, commodities, and all major markets.

It bases on trading pure price action utilizing key supply and demand levels. Reading, understanding, and implementing the concepts and trading techniques presented can substantially enhance your trading, from chart analysis through trade entry and exit. You will learn about price value, price management, excess price, and changing supply and demand levels. It has a unique price action trading technique that will enhance your trading.

The content is best suited for analytical traders who are ready to put in the effort to succeed. It is not suitable for traders who want to automate trading or depend on indicators.

8. The Art & Science of Technical Analysis by Adam Grimes

A game-changing trading book that imparts profound knowledge about winning technical patterns and strategies

The Art and Science of Technical Analysis is a key work that connects academic market analysis, technical analysis, and effective trading. The book delves into why randomness predominates in markets most of the time, but not always, and how technical analysis uses to identify statistically verified patterns under specific market circumstances. The books premise is that price patterns form when there is a real buying/selling imbalance.

Technical Analysis as an Art and Science backing up by a thorough statistical analysis of the markets, which will reject some tools and patterns, such as Fibonacci analysis, while supporting other tools and trade settings. This reliable resource also covers trader psychology and trader learning curves, based on the authors extensive trader and trader education expertise.

  • Provides a way for professional traders to find a market issue, understand their performance and contribute to the development of the more productive route ahead
  • Contains substantial data to substantiate particular profit-generating patterns and strategies
It writes by a seasoned market practitioner with experience training and advising many famous traders. The Art and Science of Technical Analysis packs in-depth insights and practical guidance that will help you give a real understanding of how markets behave, when and how technical analysis works, and what it takes to trade effectively.9. Price Action Trading Strategy: User Guide: The Best Scalping Trading Strategy for Novices and Experts

The ability to read a chart of any asset, whether you trade forex or futures stocks options, is irrelevant since the capacity to read a chart distinguishes the winners from the losers. Price action is simply the best way for traders to identify turning points, which means that its an excellent approach for forecasting the trend before it begins.

Stops are readily apparent in price action trading strategies; the placement or appropriate location of stops when risk management is concerned is simply the most recent swing low to the left of your entry. As you continue reading, it will become abundantly apparent what price action trading strategies are and how to master them.

This guide will learn, you many things, including:

  • Have a great reading time.
  • How breakout trading strategies work
  • What is a trend trading strategy and, how does it work? What is a price action trading strategy and, how does it work?
  • Supply and demand trading strategies and their operation
  • Order flow trading strategies and their implementation
  • Swing Trading Strategies in the Stock and Forex Markets
  • Options Trading Strategies for Novices and Professionals
  • Methods of trading in the range
  • Strategies for Trading Gaps
  • How to calculate the average range
  • How to utilize mean reversion trading strategies
  • How to utilize a moving average in the stock and forex markets
  • MACD-Convergence of Moving Averages Divergence trading technique, amongst others
Therefore, what are you waiting for? One-click will persuade you that this guides written to guide you through the process of becoming a master and a pro in your day-to-day trading.10. In-Depth Guide to Price Action Trading by Laurentiu Damir

Laurentiu Damirs second best-selling book on price action trading is In-Depth Guide to Price Action Trading. The book gears at swing traders who trade stocks, forex, futures, commodities, and indices, as well as other liquid financial markets.

The book teaches you how to trade swings effectively and comprehensively, with an excellent risk-reward ratio. Youll be able to monitor price action more accurately than ever before and generate a regular monthly profit. Support and resistance levels, price action swings, congestion zones, Fibonacci retracement levels, risk-reward ratios, trade management, entry, exit, and stop-loss levels, and the importance of trading discipline are all covered in this book.


Before diving into the depths of price action analysis, keep in mind that it has its origins in technical analysis. Before diving into price action trading, make sure you have a solid technical analysis foundation.

If you are already acquainted with the fundamentals of technical analysis and want to improve your price action trading abilities, feel free to choose from the price action trading books listed above or go through this link. Additionally, for price action trading strategies, please check out InstaForex.

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