Even the mightiest of heroes need saving sometimes, and Sapling Groot is in desperate need of help.

Even the mightiest of heroes need saving sometimes, and Sapling Groot is in desperate need of help. If you want to know how to save this budding hero and complete your challenge, check out this quick guide.

After unlocking Groot in your battle pass, a new challenge will unlock asking you to find and rescue this sapling-sized hero. This is just the first of three Groot-related challenges youll need to complete if you want to unlock the full-sized hero for yourself, but it may not be as easy as it seems. The challenge itself tells you where to look, but considering how much has changed on the Fortnite map, you may not know exactly where to go, or where to look once you get there.

Where To Find Sapling Groot In Fortnite

The mission will tell you to go to Holly Hedges Nursery in order to rescue Sapling Groot. The Holly Hedges Nursery, as you mightve guessed, is found within the Holly Hedges location on the Western side of the map. What you may not have known prior to this challenge is that the gardening section of this area is called the Holly Hedges Nursery.

Once you drop into Holly Hedges, you should have no trouble finding the gardening center near the middle of this part of the map. The area is full of potted plants, shelves, and gardening tools, but somewhere hidden among them is Sapling Groot. Just being a tiny sprout, hes quite hard to spot if you dont know where to look, especially since he blends in so well with all the other plants and greenery surrounding him.

What youre looking for are three large, leafy potted plants sitting on the concrete. Once you find the right spot, take a close look between the pots to spot a tiny Sapling Groot grooving about while waiting to be rescued. Interact with him and the challenge will be complete.

Not only will you be one step closer to unlocking Groot for yourself to play as, but you also get a cute Sapling Groot back bling to add to your character.

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