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  • Low debt to equity ratio of 0.0

  • Good current ratio of 3.7

  • Good Revenue growth for last 3 years with Avg of 16.59%

  • Companys PE is higher than Avg Industry PE

  • Avg ROE for last 3 Years is 14.86%

  • Company has lower net profit margin compared to historical 3 Yrs NPM Margin

  • Weak Net Profit Growh for last 3 years with Avg of 14.09%


Particular 1 Yr CAGR 3 Yr CAGR 5 Yr CAGR
Revenue Growth -3.6 % 16.59 % 22.64 %
Book Value Growth 10.47 % 36.79 % 47.74 %
Net Profit Growth -13.67 % 14.09 % 29.67 %
Dividend Growth NA % NA % NA %

While looking at the growth aspect of a company, always check consistency for last multiple years. A company can grow a very fast pace for an year. However, its the consistent growth for last many year that matters more. Further, also compare the last year growth with historical growth rate.

Profit and Loss statement

5 Year analysis and Factsheet

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Companys Annual Report is a document produced each year by all publicly-held companies that detail the financial condition of the company and includes the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, shareholding pattern and other relevant information required by law. Most companies provide all relevant information and pictures of the activities of the company inside this document. An intelligent investor should definitely go through this document before marking their investment decision.



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