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My name is Pat Specht. I’m a pediatrician here at Children’s Physicians, Dundee.

Growing up, I thought I might be a teacher — both my parents are teachers. In college, I majored in psychology because I was very interested in the classes on the human mind and behavior. I think these are some of the reasons I became interested in pediatrics.

Lifelong learning is a goal for doctors. Recently, I’ve taken two classes to add to my education. One was a week long conference on breastfeeding. The other was a 6 week online course to become a certified health coach for families — focussing on nutrition, exercise, and fitness. Both of these fit into my idea of health.

What excites me most about pediatrics is the idea of health. Most kids are pretty healthy — and I like the idea of promoting healthy behaviors, nutrition, and fitness to maintain their physical and mental health.

I have an optimistic relationship with my patients, hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

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Medical School: University of Nebraska College of Medicine
Residency: Creighton Nebraska Universities Health Foundation

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