Top HoldingsWeightage
Balkrishna Industries Ltd5.83%
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Co Ltd4.68%
Aarti Industries Ltd Shs Dematerialised4.34%
Bharat Electronics Ltd3.98%
Max Financial Services Ltd3.57%
Sundaram Fasteners Ltd3.53%
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd3.02%
Atul Ltd2.82%
Ipca Laboratories Ltd2.78%
Treps - Tri-Party Repo2.66%

About HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Growth Fund

HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities scheme aims to offer long-term capital income by financing chiefly in Mid-Cap enterprises. A midcap opportunities mutual fund is a unique type of equity mutual fund that primarily invests in mid and small cap companies. The array of these investments incline to be adaptable in manner, specially because the fund management tends to choose businesses that have higher progress potential in the long term and are in the running to be large cap companies a few years hence.

Benefits of HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Growth Fund

HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Growth Fund offers 3 benefits:

  1. The fund has reliably been amongst the paramount performing mutual funds for close to 10 years.
  2. The portfolio of this growth fund has comprised of up to 25% leading large-cap businesses.
  3. The businesses in the portfolio also shared a good cash flow, which is can be important for theoretically high equity returns over the long term.

Fund Info and Statistics of HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Growth Fund

i) Inception / Launch date

The HDFC Midcap Opportunities Fund was first made available on the 25th of June 2007.

ii) Risk level

The investment in this scheme would be subject to a moderately high level of risk.

iii) Redemption

Units can be redeemed only after the expiry of the lock-in period from the date of allotment of units. It will be done by a repurchase/buyback by the fund house. Under usual conditions, your fund house will dispatch the redemption proceeds within 10 business days from date of receipt of request.

iv) Fund Manager

Chirag Setalvad has been managing this fund since its inception in June 2007. He stands out as a capable manager who layers a hands-on approach to researching and investing. Mr.Setalvad is known to be a persevering investor with a long term investment horizon which goes hand-in hand with quality bias.

v) Entry / Exit load

Exit Load: Exit load of 1% if redeemed within 1 year.

About HDFC Mutual Fund

HDFC Mutual Fund has left no stone unturned to cater to investors from all walks of life. Be it any financial goal – long-term, short-term, retirement, tax-saving and so on – HDFC has that plan for you. Majority of the mutual fund products they offer have CRISIL ratings of 3 and more. Investors from any income background have a gamut of choice in every asset classes and risk profile.

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