Nest Trader is TradeSmart’s desktop-based trading terminal. You can trade equity, commodity, Futures and options as well as currency on major exchanges (NSE, BSE and MCX). It is one of the most robust, fast and stable trading platforms in the country. Moreover, it has a range of features which enable the clients to customize their trading experience.


App Features

  • Multiple Watch-list

    With NEST, you can keep an eye on the trends of multiple exchanges. Details such as highs and lows, LTP, bid and ask price, etc. are readily available. These data points help traders to take well-informed decisions and trade more effectively (and rewardingly).

  • Real-time widgets

    The Nest Trading software is equipped with real-time data widgets that generate triggers, price alerts, quotes, etc. This feature helps you stay ahead of the curve and in full control of your trades.

  • Customizable Interface

    Clients can customize various components in the NEST Trading platform such as fonts, colors, layouts, as per their convenience. This gives the users a more personalized feel and also enhances their efficiency.

  • Shortcut Manager

    NEST Trader offers the facility to manage shortcut keys.

  • Options Calculator

    The NEST options calculator helps in the computation of Greeks i.e. delta, gamma, theta, etc. It also helps to compute the option’s theoretical price along with the implied volatility.

Discover even more features


Fast, stable and reliable

Integrated OMS and RMS earns Nest Trading Platform the trinity tag of fast, stable and reliable


360-degree analysis

Enjoy 360-degree analysis of stocks using streaming data, snap quote, market depth, live news etc. with NEST.


Various available plug-ins

Advanced users benefit from Nest’s various available plug-ins.


View Orders and Positions

View Orders and Positions all on a single sign on.


One-click transfer

One-click fund transfer and redemptions.

Other products by TradeSmart



This simple and minimalistic mobile application offers you a wide range of functionalities – charting, margin calculators, instant fund transfer as well as online customer support. Moreover, it supports all order types (simple, advanced as well as AMO). This online trading app is available both in dark and light mode.



SINE, the online trading app (available on web and mobile)helps you trade in Cash, Futures and Options, Currency Derivatives and Commodities on NSE, BSE, MCX. This high-tech, intuitive and user friendly trading platform is embedded with a wide range of useful trading features –real-time dashboard, superior technical analysis, scanners, strategies, advanced trading tools, etc.




Swing API provides complete data required to build your own customized trading application aligned to your individual trading needs. You can execute orders in real time, manage user portfolio, stream live market data integrate with third-party software and applications, and much more with Swing API.



BOX is TradeSmart’s tech-savvy and efficient back-office which seeks to make accounting and logging of trading activities hassle free and accurate. It can tell you everything about your trades in the form of easy to understand reports, accessible even from your mobile. These reports provide details such as ledger, portfolio, trade summary, tax P&L, etc. Moreover, BOX gives you a fund transfer facility.


TradeSmart MF

Dealing in Mutual Funds is quick, easy and rewarding with TradeSmart Mutual Funds mobile portal. This user-friendly interface allows you to invest and redeem Mutual Funds, review order history and view portfolio or daily NAV, with just a few clicks on your smart phone. Moreover, it enables you to make well-informed investment decisions by providing critical data points such as historical performance, lock -in period, fund manager etc.

Common questions

Nest Trader works on Windows (XP, 7,8 and 10). Your desktop needs to have the following configuration to be able to support NEST.

  1. Intel(R) Core (TM) 2 Duo Processor or above
  2. Minimum 1GB RAM
  3. JRE version 6 update 40 or above
  4. Cookies enabled on web browser
  5. Minimum Internet Bandwidth 1Mbps

Can I place cover order and bracket orders through Nest Trader?

Yes. Nest Trading terminal is fully-equipped to handle these orders.

Yes. After Market Orders can be placed through NEST Trader.

Yes. You can place a payout request from the NEST Trader. The cut off time is 11.59pm (Monday to Friday). Please note that the payout process is subject to availability of clear balance in the trading account as on the date of placing the request.

Details of placed orders is available in the Order Book. Order Book has two frames – open orders and completed orders. Details of cancelled or rejected orders is also available (under the completed orders) along with the reason of such rejection.

Yes. There are two options – modify and cancel applicable for open orders.

Yes. It can be done through the Trade Book (Position Conversion option)

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