Finding top penny stocks to watch is a very meticulous task in itself due to the mere nature of the small cap investments. Scam ridden world of the penny stocks coupled with very little information available to investors about these companies will certainly be extremely challenging for all investor types, especially the new ones. Despite this fact, intoxicatingly low prices of top penny stocks and promises of fast returns and exploding values in the future lure more and more investors daily.

If you still decided to buy penny stocks online, it is important to get educated by at least reading Penny Stocks for Dummies book by Peter Leeds, a very well known figure in the small cap-investing world. Another way to learn is to sign up for Tim Sykes online newsletters and penny stock companies analysis platforms. This will help you learn the basics of how to buy penny stocks and how to compile a successful penny stocks to watch list.

Below you will find some of the top penny stocks to watch:

1. Great Basin Scientific Inc. (GBSN)
These top penny stocks to watch come recommended straight from the website. The company is involved in medical diagnostics and testing specifically for hospital borne infections. These diagnostics tools help doctors pin point which bacteria exactly they are dealing with to prescribe just the right antibacterial medication.

2. Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (EKSO)
This biomedical company specializes in development and production of wearable robots to be used equally in medical, industrial and military market sectors of economy. This technology presents itself as a bionic suit designed for spinal cord injuries victims, and other patients affected by other diseases, which might make walking problematic.

3. Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc. (NES)
The company caters to natural gas and crude oil production companies by helping contain and recycle waste products from shale formations across the US.

4. Aero Grow International Inc. (AERO)
These marijuana penny stocks might become a welcome addition to any small cap portfolio. The business is involved in marketing and distribution of small indoor growing systems for vegetable crops and medical marijuana. Additionally, they offer special growing lights and patented nutrient rich formula to help crops thrive.

5. Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SGYP)
These top penny stocks to watch are offered by just another biopharmaceutical company that specializes on research and development of drugs to treat gastrointestinal illnesses, such as constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and colitis.

6. Forbes Energy Services Ltd. (FES)
This Company serves as an oilfield contractor to enhance natural gas and oil operations by providing well repairs, investigations and maintenance. It also helps with utilizing fluid waste and providing well abandoning services.

7. Prima Biomed Ltd. (PMBD)
This Australia based company specializes in medical technology field and is currently working on developing a series of immunocellular products for the treatment of pancreatic and ovarian cancers.

8. Genetic Technologies Ltd. (GENE)
Rated among the top penny stocks to watch in 2015, this company makes its goal to develop genetic testing technology for early detection of ovarian, breast, uterine, bowel and prostate cancers across Australia and the US. In addition, GENE provides the medical market with DNA paternity tests, DNA profiling, forensics and breed identification tests in animals.

9. Miller Energy Resources, Inc. (MILL)
This Company is boasting incredible year to date growth patterns and is definitely ranked some of the top penny stocks to watch in 2015. The Company is engaged in independent expedition, identification and exploration for the oil and natural gas industry in South Central Alaska.

10. Exellxis Inc. (EXEL)
This NASDAQ traded top penny stocks to watch are offered from the company involved in biopharmaceutical medical field. Their technology is based on small molecular treatment of various forms of cancer, including carcinomas, thyroid cancer and metastatic forms of other cancers.

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