In the world of Minecraft, ores are one of the essential items. Using them, players can craft tools, armors, weapons, and many other items. There are various types of minerals, such as netherite, diamonds, iron, and gold.

Gold is among the oldest minerals in Minecraft. Players can find gold ore veins below Y level 32 except in badlands. In these rare warm biomes, gold generates at a much higher level between Y 32-79.

Unlike any other ore, gold generates both in the overworld and nether realm. It is also easy to farm, since zombie piglins drop gold ingots and nuggets upon dying. This article shares some of the best uses of gold in Minecraft.

Best uses of gold in Minecraft


Bartering is arguably the best use of gold in Minecraft. In the nether update, Mojang introduced piglin, a mob with an affinity towards gold. Players can give one gold ingot to piglins to obtain any of these items:

  • 2-4 ender pearls
  • 3-9 string
  • 5-12 quartz
  • 1 obsidian
  • 10-36 iron nuggets
  • 1 water bottle, regular, or splash fire resistance potions
  • 1 soul speed book
  • 1 firing charge
  • 1-3 crying obsidian
  • 2-4 leather
  • 2-8 soul sand
  • 2-8 nether brick
  • 6-12 spectral arrow
  • 8-16 gravel
  • 8-16 blackstone

Items like crying obsidian, blackstone and soul sand can only be automatically farmed by bartering gold. Players can connect a gold farm to a bartering system to farm all these items.

Protection from piglins

As mentioned earlier, piglins love gold in Minecraft. They will attack any player who isnt wearing any gold armor. Players can avoid piglins by wearing gold armor.

Piglin brutes (Image via Minecraft)

While traveling into the nether, beginner players are advised to take a single piece of gold armor to protect themselves from a horde of piglins. However, be aware of piglin brute found in bastion remnants. Brutes cannot be distracted by gold and will always target any player raiding bastion.

Gold pickaxe

Some players may not know that gold pickaxe is higher in efficiency than diamond and netherite. It can break blocks at a faster rate than other pickaxes. Sadly, there is a downside to it.

Gold pickaxe has very low durability and breaks quicker than other pickaxes. Golden pickaxe has a durability lower than wooden pickaxe. Hence, players will have to use unbreaking and mending to increase its durability and repair it.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the authors views.

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