Sector: Real Estate Investment and Services
Yesterdays Close0.07   P/E Ratio-3.41
Yesterdays Open0.07   EPS - TTM- 2.05
Best Bid   DPS - TTM n/a
Best Offer   Dividend Yield
Yesterdays Volume 858 861   Market Cap 28.09m
Yesterdays Range0.07–0.07   Shares In Issue 401.27m
Latest Results
12 months ended Feb 2021 (published May 2021) Final
(ZAR million)%chgFeb 21 Feb 20
Turnover-94.6%- 0.4
Attributable Income79.0%- 5.5- 26.1
Market Cap (ZARm)- 10.7 10.7
EPS (ZARc)79.0%- 2.05- 9.74
HEPS (ZARc)82.2%- 2.05- 11.53
DPS (ZARc)---
Nature of Business
Visual is a property development company with its head office in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Visual focuses on all aspects of property development and is proud to have been involved with numerous successful residential, commercial and retail projects. The Visual team is comprised of skilled and experienced professionals with more than 70 years of combined experience in all aspects of the property development sector. Visual operates all over RSA and is constantly on the look out for land with development potential, new development projects and for joint venture opportunities.
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